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Whetū Iti Workshops

Through creative process we make meaning from the world within and around us

Whetū Iti

The little star that lives within, a light far reaching. 

Like the light of the stars in our sky, the energy we put out into the world leaves a mark far beyond our lived time.
Whetū iti workshops are driven by the question: What becomes of our creative legacies?  


There is a way to be creative and less dependent on environmentally unsustainable and damaging systems of material supply. Whetū iti workshops are fun, they are creatively rewarding and encourage people to use plant based mediums and tools for their own self expression, connection to others and connection to the creative life inside all of us.  


"When I walked outside, the day after the workshop, all of a sudden everything around me, the plants, the colours, everything stood out. Things felt like they had life giving qualities. It was like the creative life within me had grown too." Kim, 39 - group participant for workplace team P.D session.

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About Geva
Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Tamatēra, Ngāti Awa

Working in the field of community arts for 18 years, Geva Downey has been studio Educator at the Auckland Art Gallery, spoken about the creative process at University conferences and advised Ministry of Education on authentic community engagement when writing creative programmes for youth and teacher professional development programmes.


In sessions, people are supported to make original works of art that are meaningful to them and reflect their values.


"What I love about facilitating art making is hearing the maker's voice, encouraging risk taking during the experimentation process, seeing them justify their choices and discuss challenges, seeing them physically relax, laugh, connect with others as well as the pride they show when they speak confidently about what they have created."

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